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  1. There should be some details given on the website about the Wednesday seminars or “Piggies,” otherwise it’s hard for people to judge if they are interested.


  2. Hello,
    I am delighted that Neil Richards is organising the piggies events. I had the pleasure, challenge and sheer good luck to work with Neil for many years and I benefited enormously from his pioneering work on developing apples ethics for the police service – both in the UK and abroad. I continue to draw from Neil’s expertise and example; most recently i was asked to deliver a seminar at the Freud Centre in London and part of my paper referred to his original and continuing work on ‘Police ethics’. I would love to see Neil again. Please give him my best wishes. With many thanks, Dr. Robert Adlam


  3. Hello again,
    I have written a piece acknowledging Neil Richards’ contribution to applied ethics on my website. He may wish to read it – and if he wishes me to make any changes, amendments or alterations I would be pleased to do so. The note about Neil is published at: http://www.robertadlam.com
    It has the simple title: neil richards: applied moral philosopher
    with best wishes,
    Dr. Robert Adlam (a former colleague of Neil Richards)


  4. Hello again,
    This is just a quick communication that follows on from the above. I re-titled the note I wrote about Neil Richards. It is now rather more appealing and reads ‘Neil Richards – ethicist by a rose garden.’ It was first published on March 9 2016 at:
    I would be pleased if Neil knew that such a note had been written about him and to hear from him if he were to have the time.
    with best wishes,
    Robert Adlam


  5. Yes, please. I’ve sent an email to you, Dr. William Large. (Incidentally, I still think that the best book that has been written about the police is William Ker Muir’s (1977) ‘Police: street corner politicians.’


  6. Hello,
    One or two of us are still trying to contact Neil Richards. He was a superb colleague and pioneered really valuable work in the institution in which he, Peter Villiers and I all worked for many years. I would be very pleased if I could get in touch with Neil – and, at the very least, wish him well.
    with best wishes,
    Dr. Robert Adlam – of Farnham, Surrey.


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