Gloucestershire Philosophical Society Programme. Spring Term


25th January

David Garnett (University of Gloucestershire) is a social constructionist and has just completed a degree in psychology. His talk will be on ‘Emotions, the Nervous System of the Brain’.

The talk will be interactive while exploring an alternative view of emotion suggesting a connection between emotion and the brain’s management of knowledge and understanding. Positioning and identifying the purpose of emotion in connection with an individual’s mental model construction and understanding.


8th February

Professor Agata Bielik-Robson (University of Nottingham) will talk on ‘Religion of the Finite Life? Messianicity and Finitude in Late Derrida’.

Agata’s talk will be devoted to the penultimate seminar of Jacques Derrida, Death Penalty. It is here that Derrida, who was often described as a ‘radical atheist,’ demonstrates his religious leanings towards a certain messianic variant of the Judeo-Christian heritage. She says that although Derrida many scare a general audience, she is willing to take the risk and explain his late views in a simple way.

Agata is the Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Nottingham and is one of the foremost experts in contemporary Jewish thought and philosophy. She has recently published Jewish Cryptotheologies of Late Modernity: Philosophical Marranos that examines the hidden Jewish theological heritage of contemporary philosophy.

22nd February

Dr Abigail Gardner (University of Gloucestershire) will talk on ‘Ageing, Travelling Folk: Sam Lee and Songs across Time’.

Sam Lee is a British songwriter and collector whose music is a reimagining of traditional English and traveller folk music. He travels around the UK, working with elderly travellers and amateur folk singers to recast and reinterpret their songs.

Abigail is a principle lecturer in popular music at the university. Her research focus is in music and ageing, music documentary, and music and gender. She is currently part of a European Media Project ‘Mystory’ funded by Erasmus+ that brings together teachers, media and education academics and technicians from all

8th March

Dr Nina Power (University of Roehampton) will talk on ‘What do we mean by Sex? What is Gender?

The 21st century has already seen fairly major societal shifts in the way people conceive of sex and gender and the relation between the two concepts. This talk will outline some contemporary philosophical approaches to both terms, looking at where the terms are blurred, and where they are understood as distinct categories.

Nina is a senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of Roehampton. She specialises in contemporary European philosophy, feminism and film theory. She had written numerous articles in each of these areas and also writes for the Guardian and other magazines and newspapers. She is the founding member of Defend the Right to Protest, a campaign group set in the wake of student protests in 2010-11.

22nd March

Dr Keith Crome (Manchester Metropolitan University) will be talking on the ‘The Conflicts of Character’.

In this talk Keith will give a brief philosophical history of character, with the aim of showing how the philosophical changes in the conception of character inform the current social and political uses of character and allow us to grasp their limitations.

Keith is a principal lecturer in philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a specialist in the use of Ancient Greek philosophy in contemporary thought with specific reference to 20th century French philosophy. He has published a book, Lyotard and Greek Thought, and numerous articles in this area. He is a member of the MMU Cooperative Forum where he is working with the Cooperative College, Manchester on projects on cooperation and cooperative pedagogy.

All sessions will be held at the Francis Close Campus of the University of Gloucestershire, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, at 7.15.p.m in room TC002a

The daytime seminars, known as ‘Piggies’, organised by Neil Richards, will be held at the new venue, The Brown Jug, Bath Road, Cheltenham, Wednesdays, and will now be held every week. All welcome